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Does the thought of fall 2020 have you yelling like...?

Well, I have a solution for that...outdoor or online yoga for your kids, teens, or the whole family! We'll shake off any dust they gather while sitting still with an abundance of mindful movement! All in-person classes will be socially distant without shared materials, as well as BYOMat. All precautions taken and class sizes will be limited. Please sign up ahead of time since I'm a one-woman show and can only be so many places in a week and have enough time to give to my dog-oh, I mean-my kids, so I'll let you guys know when the schedule is full!

Please fill out this form to let me know what you prefer so I can plan our schedule.

Overview of options:

  • Back yard yoga--gather a 'pod' of friends or families and I can come to your yard.

  • Outdoor yoga with a pod--gather a group of friends or families and come to me.

  • Outdoor yoga at a venue with new friends or families.

  • Zoom pod--gather a group of friends and Zoom together this fall.

  • Zoom with new friends!

  • Roadrunner Yogis Zoom for students who attend MRES (if you prefer in person, please fill out the form above).

  • Appletree Yogis Zoom for students at Appletree II and Appletree Montessori.

  • Private in-person or Zoom yoga--send me an email and we'll set it up.

  • Another idea? Let me know!

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