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Jannat 2 Hindi Movie Download [Updated]




It stars John Abraham, Paresh Rawal, Amy Jackson, Aditi Rao Hydari and Irrfan Khan. It is the sequel to the 2002 film Jannat. Plot In the first part of the film, Dr. Manish, a neurosurgeon, works hard for many years. His father, who had one leg, was unable to work. Dr. Manish's wife earns enough money for the family's livelihood. A few days before his son's wedding, Dr. Manish is shot and his driver, Rohit, dies in the shooting. R.K. Srivastav is the DIG of Mumbai (V.K. Singh) is shot in the wedding but recovers. In the wedding hall, the commissioner suspects someone else to be behind the murders. The commissioner asks Jai Gopal Varma, who is invited to the wedding, to help him in the investigation. Jai is not able to go to the Commissioner's residence due to ill health. At the commissioner's residence, Jai meets Commissioner, who talks about his sister, I.J. The Commissioner wants Jai to find her and the commissioner's sister I.J. is a key suspect in the murders. I.J. is a woman who runs an orphanage called the "Little Angels". I.J. is afraid of Manish and has never met him. However, Jai makes an acquaintance of I.J. through her secretary. I.J. asks Jai to leave her alone. Jai and Commissioner go to the address given by I.J.'s secretary. Jai and Commissioner go to the "Little Angels" orphanage and find Rohit. Rohit tells Jai that Manish wanted to give the orphans a better life and was making plans to build a hospital for them. He gives the address of the orphanage, which is a stolen property, as he wanted to take the orphans somewhere else. Later, Jai is told by a colleague that his sister Nimmi is being held captive by a gang of criminals. He thinks that they are the same gang involved in the murders. Jai and Commissioner go to the town where Nimmi's kidnappers are holding her. They find her and escape with her. Jai comes to know that Nimmi was working at a brothel with her friend Rajni. He goes to the brothel and finds Rajni dead with a lot of money.




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Jannat 2 Hindi Movie Download [Updated]

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