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Mindfulnest yoga


"Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world." - Roald Dahl

mindful movement for kids

mindfulnest provides exceptional experiences for young yogis and their parents in and around Vienna, VA.
we’re ready to adapt our services to your unique needs and special events.

mindfulnest services

  • Socially distant outdoor classes

  • Birthday parties

  • Scout events

  • Home-schooling cooperative events

  • Young athlete training

  • Before- and after-school activities

  • Preschool enrichment

  • Individual and playgroup sessions

  • POD classes

about shannon

Shannon is a mom of three—a boy, a girl, and a very bossy dog. A life-long teacher and student; she has a B.A. in English from Baylor University and an M.A. in Education and English from William and Mary. She taught literature and writing to high schoolers, as well as ABCs to preschoolers, and currently tutors all ages in between. She fell in love with yoga later in life, and can't get enough of it. Shannon's passion is empowering children and teens with yoga, mindfulness and meditation so they can use these gifts throughout their life. Shannon is fully insured, and certified for children's yoga instruction through Kidding Around Yoga; she also has her 200 hour certification, her Y4C certification, and is a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Carpe Namaste!

Mindfulness. Meditation. Yoga.

These three practices go hand-in-hand, not only for stretching our muscles, but also stretching our minds and hearts, making more room for positive growth. It's a life-long journey, but starting young--that precious time when our minds and hearts are open--gives us ownership of tools and techniques that help us lead a happy and healthy life...secrets that even some adults have not yet discovered!


I taught a group of five-year-olds an ocean-themed class recently, and I asked them during our closing circle how they could help save the oceans. They came up with three brilliant answers; I shared them with parents, remarking that this generation will indeed change the world for the better. Yoga is certainly not the only way to create kids who are ready to take on the world, but it's a great way to begin that journey. If they know who they are at an early age, and we empower them to go out and help others, together we can change the world.

10 reasons kids should practice
yoga and meditation

Kids need...

  1. a mental break--time just to BE.

  2. to build strength, confidence, and flexibility through holding poses.

  3. the ability to regulate breathing, which helps with issues such as anxiety.

  4. to learn fearlessness--taking a leap of faith to achieve poses such as crow.

  5. awareness of their body in relation to their surroundings--yoga helps bridge the connection between mind and body.

  6. balance--mentally and physically.

  7. self-care. Yoga naturally allows time for introspection.

  8. patience with themselves and others. Learning to meditate and practice yoga takes time.

  9. empathy and compassion for themselves and others. 

  10. fun! Time to be silly!

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