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What people are saying about Mindfulnest

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Shannon Becker Agniel. My 5-year-old and I just wrapped up her 8-week Namaste and Play yoga and had the best time! We loved guessing what the theme would be on the way to yoga each week and are so sad it’s done My son says it’s been one of the best parts of his summer and was SO sad when we were leaving today. He loves her so much that:

He told her “I love you” on the way out; then on the drive home, was asking when we can do more yoga again because “I just love Ms. Shannon. She’s the best!”; AND THEN, at dinner, was lamenting to his dad about the end of yoga and talking about how much he loves yoga and Shannon I agree with him

I totally encourage anyone looking to get into yoga with their littles to do yoga with her Thank you for such a special part of our summer, Shannon!!-Kristina

Thank you, Shannon! Amelia absolutely loved yoga this year. She sometimes came home and had me do deep breathing while she said “peace begins with me” 🥰. Amelia is looking forward to kindergarten at AppleTree next year and will see you then!-Sarah

Grace LOVES doing yoga with Shannon! Grace is autistic, and group activities can be challenging for her— but we LOVE yoga! Shannon is so loving and inclusive, and she has taught Grace some mindfulness skills she has taken off the mat and uses everyday! So glad to have mindfulnest and Shannon in our community!! (Lucy the therapy dog loves yoga too!!)-Cait

Yoga class with Ms. Shannon was really good.  She was fun and I liked that she pushed us to do more adult-like yoga in the older kids class.  I'm looking forward to the next class!

-Cozette, 12

We had such a great time this morning too. How refreshing it was to have something new for the kids. It was perfect - outdoors, physically active, creative, and entertaining.  My kids have been playing with their treasures all day! I am so impressed and entertained by how nicely they followed your direction and by how happy they were through the whole class! -Jennifer


Shannon is the best! Her classes are a wonderful blend of good for the body and heart. She is also super creative in making the classes engaging for kids with interesting and fun themes. My 12 year old daughter has loved them! -Liz 

After bath time tonight I caught the kids sitting cross legged in front of the mirror and Jack was leading the peace begins with me meditation! It was so cute (as soon as they saw me they got all bashful) and made me feel really happy that we can keep these yoga sessions part of our routine!


I just wanted to publicly sing the praises of Shannon Becker Agniel. My formerly shy 4 year old wouldn’t stop talking her ear off at our first outdoor, socially distant yoga class today. Shannon was so patient and kept the flow of class moving despite the chaos of a bunch of kiddos. My daughter has not stopped talking about class for the last hour, since it wrapped up! Thank you for giving us a sorely needed dose of zen.  -Claudine

The best way to spend a socially distanced Saturday morning during a very difficult time in our lives. My toddler enjoyed the music, games, craft and moves! I loved spending time with my child outside doing something active and watching him explore and grow. Thank you, Miss Shannon! A bright spot to our fall 2020. XO -Jeevan & Jessica

My 4 year old absolutely loved her Mindfulnest class! Ms. Shannon kept the class fun and lighthearted, but still (somehow!) focused and calming. She looked forward to the various themes every week, and loved telling friends and family about how she went to a yoga class "just like a grown up." We can't wait for another session!

My son had the best time doing Broga and would do it again!

My son loved doing yoga with a group of boys during Bro-ga. He's at an age where he's not too interested in hanging out with girls, so this was perfect!

It was a great experience for our 7 year old! She enjoyed every class :)

I thought you would like to hear that Mason was so pleaseant and mellow this evening after your yoga class.  Sometimes things click after the fact for him.  He played really sweetly with his sister, found some foam cut out hearts and handed them out to us, and then strummed my husband's guitar singing how he loves his family...and also how the mailman, Mr. John loves a girl but can't tell us, lol.  Anyways, I thought it was sweet and always nice for a teacher to hear that they have an impact. - Miranda

Antonio had a blast!  You are a great teacher!  So please include me in any announcements if you decide to do winter, even spring, sessions! Thank you for all that you did for him and for the boys!  We are so glad we signed up for this and have met you too! -Marianne

I am so appreciative of your yogi-ness...You are an amazing teacher - Zelda has enjoyed this time with you and her friends immensely. What a great talent you have and you are spreading such peace and joy!-Sharon

Thank you so much for this season of yoga!  I'm in awe of your patience, you definitely found your calling! Sloane had the best time and learned some important yogic methods.  We'll look forward to future classes.-Melanie

I just wanted to thank you for having such amazing classes.  My son was really struggling for the 6 months before we started yoga (we have to keep him home because I'm high risk)  and other activities, and every time he comes home from yoga he is beyond happy & excited.  He says yoga is now his favorite, which is surprising given how little he stays still with us!  Thank you for running such amazing classes!  -Kelley

I just wanted to let you know how much we truly enjoyed your class and how impressed I was.  It has been the highlight of our spring!  I have been searching for a kids yoga class for so long and this beyond exceeded my expectations.  We are unfortunately moving out of the area or we would be continual customers for sure because it's been so amazing.  It was also such a pleasure meeting and getting to know you a bit and wish we had the opportunity to continue that. -Ashley

I wanted to thank you so much for leading our lovely little pod this fall! It was wonderful getting to know you as well as some of the other families in the neighborhood. It is clear that you have a gift of bringing people together and creating a positive, healthy, and joyful experience for both the children and the parents.-Danielle


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