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My Goal

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Meditation. Poses. Breath.

All tools that are integral to maintaining a balanced brain, body, and heart. I'm super passionate about what I do, and my fall sessions begin in less than a month; I have 8 class offerings spanning from bouncing babes to terrific teens.

As the hustle & bustle of autumn draws near, my goal is to create a community circle of non-judgement where we can help each other gather and use those tools to create peace in our daily lives. Let's learn to press pause.

P. S. My classes for kids are yoga, of course, but also music, booty-shakin', coordination work, interactive booklets, sometimes crafts, fine and gross motor skill practice, self-soothing tools, spatial awareness work, obstacle courses, games, general silliness, and all that good stuff for their growing brains.

Available classes:

  • Namaste & Play

  • Namaste & Play, Baby

  • Family Yoga

  • Tween & Teen Yoga

  • Yoga Book Club

  • K-6 after-school Yoga

  • K-6 at Marshall Road-details to come!

  • Yog-art

  • Bro-ga

  • Yoga pods-gather friends and send me a message!

  • One-on-one/private classes

(All classes are outdoors with plenty of space run wild, except one teen offering)

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