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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I'm excited to introduce you to a phenomenal women who is creating a mindful space for children to thrive. Tinkergarten is a nature based, child lead curriculum where children and their caregivers explore and learn about our earth through songs, stories, movements and activities. This class can accommodate children 18 months to 5 years old. The spring class will meet for 6 consecutive weeks for about an hour.

Michelle is offering three outdoor classes this spring at the beautiful Wolftrap National Park and I highly recommend signing up to adventure with her. Also stay tuned for some Tinkergarten & Mindfulnest combination classes this summer...or TinkerYoga!

Meet Michelle White:

Being outdoors brings her peace. Being with children brings her joy. We can all use more peace and joy in our lives. Michelle is a local Vienna mom and mother of two she has led Tinkergarten class in Vienna for 4 years She is always up for an adventure outdoors in all types of weather. She also enjoys moving her body through yoga, running, and lifting to stay fit. Come explore with Tinkergarten!

For questions, you can find Michelle at

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