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How pawesome was Furry & Feathery Friends camp?

Hello Mother, Hello Father...

Day 1

We had a pawesome first day doing dog and cat yoga! We spent the first hour on yoga poses, breathing, meditation, and savasana (and some dancing too), and then took a break for a snack and fresh air in the gazebo. We drew some chalk mandalas outside and then headed back inside to work on our dog toys for the pet shelter and to start working on our Gratitude mobiles and kindness rocks. We wrapped up the day with some yoga games and a closing circle and we're looking forward to some jungle yoga tomorrow!

Day 2

Some birds flew in to help us out with our jungle yoga today! And our alligator friend swallowed so many animal yoga poses that we were super tired and ready to be sloths for savasana by the time we had done them all. We also did some poses as we read a book Roar Like a Lion, and guessed which animal pose we were doing. We practiced more breathing with our book, Alphabreaths, and did some meditation with our singing bowl and Peace Begins with Me mantra. And the kids are already professionals at the sun salutation! We even did a couple partner poses today, and will do some more of those over the week--the kids always love those.

We also finished our Gratitude mobiles, and talked a bit about what we are grateful for; the girls drew pictures or wrote notes of kindness or gratitude to hang on their mobile. We finished our 'Kindness Rocks' by writing loving words on them, and placed them in the garden in front of the community center for others to discover. And we made some cat toys to donate and started our cozy tie-blankets to donate as well. The crafting table was a busy place today for sure!

We ended the class with some drum yoga and yoga freeze dance, and are looking forward to another zen-tastic day tomorrow. The girls have already formed such a sweet yoga community and are such a joy to teach.

Day 3

Today we beat the heat with some penguin yoga! We started with a fun song called Penguin Dance, by Jack Hartmann, and I think you guys should definitely try it at home 😉. We did plenty of other penguin poses, and tried balancing an egg on our feet while we did them too🥚. We also did some penguin belly-slide breathing and penguin sun salutations🌞 along with our normal morning routine.

We enjoyed chalking some yoga poses outside after snack, and made some mala bead necklaces and their own drums since they enjoyed our drum yoga so much yesterday. 📿 Ask the kids to show you some of their drum yoga poses! (I started incorporating drums into my classes after hearing a podcast on drumming--I can't seem to find it, but here's a cool article on how drumming and rhythm work is good for you). I know it's especially good for the developing brain.

Tomorrow we are doing some ocean yoga, and the kids are welcome to bring an ocean stuffed animal to swim around with us if they'd like🌊. I have a couple I'll bring too.

Day 4

We went under the sea today to do some ocean yoga! Our shark visitor ate way too much sea life, so we stayed busy with all those poses--plus, we got some surfing in too. We worked on our bubble breathing along with our normal breathing book. Crab races, toe-ga (toes need yoga too!), and parachute pom-pom fun kept us busy. We just had to do our penguin song again--and added in a Yogi Went to Sea, sea, sea to see what he can see see....

We made some mixed media canvas painting that will come home tomorrow--the kids used seashells, stickers, paint, puffy paint and markers to create their under the sea scene. Tomorrow we will hop around with some frog-a, and then will have a mini-graduation ceremony at the end of class. If you'd like to join us for the last 15 minutes of class, feel free to come on by at 11:45. Prepare to do a little dancing and a little yoga. If you can't join, no worries at all!

Day 5

We ended our camp week with some frog-a. We hopped onto our lily pads while we listened to some fun music (of course, Van Halen's Jump and plenty of Kermit songs 😉) and learned so many froggy poses. We also had a little green yoga frog visitor who helped us along the way. We made some more water bottle dog toys and some flag banners, did some scarf and ribbon yoga, played with yoga dice and then practiced our graduation ceremony👩‍🎓. The week just flew by and it was such a joy to guide your beautiful yogis through the week ♥️. I'll see some of you at the shelter today!🐕🐈

Peace & Love & Light

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