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Pod Yoga Q & A

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

What is a Yoga Pod (Yod?)

Kids and/or families you feel comfortable having your kids around-I know some families have formed 'bubbles' with covid swimming around. Let's get them moving since they'll be sitting at the computer for school!

How will you take precautions?

We'll keep mats 6 feet apart .


No sharing props.

No sharing craft materials.

I won't assist in poses.

What ages are good?

All ages! 

If kids are ages 1-4, it's best to have mom or dad present.

Ages 5 and up can do class solo, and I consider a group around 11+ a teen class.

Mixed ages welcome too, of course.

Family yoga is also a possibility if everyone wants to join the fun!

What is a good size for a pod?

Minimum of 4, maximum of 8, with some flexibility around numbers.

Should I hold it in my yard or cul de sac?

As long as you have ample space and shade on sunny/warm days we're good!

On rain days, Zoom will be a possibility, or we can do a make-up day.

Where else would class be?

I am hoping to build a yoga platform in my back yard under my favorite tree.

My husband is almost convinced (can you hear him sighing?) Stand by!

What is the cost?

5 sessions for $90 a family 

8 sessions for $120 a family

You pay once for all kids in your family.

How can I book a session?

A registration page is in the works.

When can you start? 

Let's look at our calendars and find a good date!

Will you hold non-Yod classes?

Of course! I plan to start them in September once school begins.

Will you hold Zoom classes?

Yes! I'll start those in September, and can do Zoom Pods as well (Zods?).

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